Jun 11

Summer 2015 — Road Improvements

Hi all, we’ll shut things down here for the summer, other than this post to remind you the Quarry guys will be working on the shelf road periodically, all summer. They recently repaired the hazardous erosion at Shale Cut. The road will be chloride treated to control dust, as well as covered with a layer of crushed marble roadbase. If you’re headed up for summer recreation, bear in mind you may be delayed by the work.

Chloride application has to be done when the road is dry, so there is no advanced schedule. If you do find yourself up there when they’re applying chloride we advise not driving the road. Doing so will slime your vehicle as well as rutting out the soft road surface.

Concrete retaining walls at Shale Bluffs, installed spring of 2015.

Concrete retaining walls at Shale Cut on Quarry Road, installed spring of 2015.

Apr 22

Spring Season Going Well — CU Next Winter

Thanks everyone for using MarbleSki.org. Public webcam is shut down for the summer. We’ll try another winter of webcam and occasional postings beginning next fall. By all accounts the winter up on Marble Peak and elsewhere in the area went quite well. No major mishaps. Props to everyone.

Mar 22

Spring has Sprung — 2015

Happy spring everyone! Snowpack is poorly consolidated other than top layers from recent warmer storms, and free water is percolating in some areas from mid-day to afternoon. Good dense eggshell in the morning if the night has been free of clouds and temps drop. Start early, better to risk having to wait for surfaces to soften rather than a desperate retreat from rapidly developing avalanche danger. As the avy pros say, if you can walk on the frozen snow crust in your boots, you’re good, but if you punch a boot through the eggshell be concerned — especially when things continue to warm.

We’ll keep the webcam running for a few more weeks, but summer is coming early this year as far as we can tell.

Also, be aware that the snowpack in Marble area is something around a half to a third of what we normally see. For example, here at Field HQ we’ve got about two feet on the ground. Normally this time of year we measure it about five feet. Expect the lower elevation approaches such as those of all the Rasberry Ridge zones (Marble Peak, Ally, Noname) to be unskiable fairly soon so get it while you can.

Mar 06

Friends of CAIC Fundraiser

Friends of Colorado Avalanche Information Center To Host Fundraiser at Aspen Highlands on Saturday, March 14th.

More info.

Fundraiser CAIC.

Fundraiser CAIC.

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