Winter Continues — Persistent Slabs as Always

As often happens in Colorado, avalanche forecasts are beginning to sound like a stuck CD, “Moderate, persistent slabs.” “Moderate, persistent slabs.” “Moderate, persistent slabs.” “Moderate, persistent slabs.”

One wonders how to mitigate. Terrain choice is the only solution for 100% safe skiing. Be safe.

As always, when things settle down in the snowpack we’re hoping expert skiers will open up new skin tracks and terrain in some of the lesser used pitches off Marble Quarry Road, but doing so is problematic as that magic combo of relatively safe terrain for the downhill and 100% safe routes for the up is hard to find. For newcomers, remember you can always make a first stop at Windy Corner (see map via menu above) to view most of the ski terrain and assess what’s been used, where tracks are broken, what’s slid and what is hang fire, etcetera.

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