Weather Synopsis

First, friends, always check Open Snow!

After that…

We’ve had good success using this National Weather Service synopsis to do “airmass weather” predictions for the Marble area. Using the Synopsis, you can usually know when a storm will arrive, how strong it will be, and when the storm will end. In terms of timing your skiing, larger storms can close Quarry Road, especially on weekends when the mine isn’t working and the miners may not snowplow. As always, during snow seasons please only drive Quarry Road with a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle equipped with winter tires. While you might be able to drive the road with 2-wheel-drive, doing so is inconsiderate as you may not be able to use turnouts for passing vehicles traveling the opposite direction. Above all, evaluate avalanche danger before skiing the Marble area or driving Quarry Road, and make an informed decision about how much risk you’re willing to take. Satellite weather is useful as well, we like this one, many others available.

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