Sep 26

Winter 2019/2020 On the Menu

Hello all. Marble is looking good. The Quarry’s ongoing road improvements are wonderful (thanks Quarry) and last year’s record avalanche cycle widened some of your favorite runs. Stay tuned! We’ll be going through this site and updating all information. Suggestions welcome.

Oct 23

Welcome Winter 2018-2019

We can say with 99% confidence this winter will be better than the last… Webcam is operational, ongoing work installing a dish heater to make the cam more reliable (it tends to malfunction during large snowfalls due to snow on the dish).

Road is in good condition thanks to Quarry. They appear to be going strong so expect reliable plowing. Remember to park with thought for the large haul trucks.

Thanks everyone for your help with all. Be safe.

Mar 17

New Sponsorship 2018 — The North Face

Delighted to say The North Face sees our public service efforts here and will be pitching in along with our other sponsors. As thanks, please explore their banner to right. (Also note we have room for one or two more sponsors). Specific projects:
— Improving webcam with dish heater and better electronics.
— Becoming an official observation site for NOAA.
— Likewise, doing something more formal with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.
— Making our facilities available to Search & Rescue operations.
— Improving emergency cache stored near the most common parking area.
— Search & Rescue documentation photography and mapping, to assist with operations.

Please note we do accept donations. We will earmark such to specific projects related to public service information and send you a thankyou noting what your funds were used for. We don’t have non-profit status yet, so to keep it simple you can send donations to the Paypal donations account.

Jan 05

A Quick Browse of the Snotel

Main avalanche paths on Quarry road.

Main avalanche paths on Quarry road.

Figured it would be nice having a quick way of pulling up the Schofield Snotel data, so we added a page and a menu item above. The page is here.

We created a simplified 48 hour, hourly chart with only snow depths and temperatures. Idea is to speed up your data browsing to you can get out skiing sooner.

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