Sep 24

Quarry Road Information – Winter 2020-2021

Various rumors about the Quarry Road have been floating around. We asked our Quarry information sources for their take. Here you go (paraphrased):

“We’ve been quarrying on a regular basis,” said our source. “The international market is a little slow, but nonetheless happening. We are planning on regular operations this winter, including our normal road plowing.”

A key aspect of Quarry operations is they sell much of their product overseas, most notably to Italy. They did shut down for a time this spring and early summer when Italy was heavily hit by Covid, then began cutting and shipping marble around midsummer. Thus, there’s some uncertainty with all this. If Covid rates increase in Europe, and lockdowns commence, Quarry operations could slow down or cease altogether.

Note that the Quarry operates their water pumping system even when production is idled. This can require a certain amount of road upkeep no matter what.

What to do if the road isn’t plowed? It’s a 2.7 mile uphill slog to the Marble Peak trailhead. Fit, motivated skiers might not mind the walk, but it’s a bit soul crushing if you’re used to parking at the start of the real skiing. It’s legal to use a snowmobile if the road is not plowed (and quasi-legal otherwise). Driving or otherwise, know the road crosses through numerous avalanche paths.

For more about Quarry Road, please see our FAQ.

Sep 26

Winter 2019/2020 On the Menu

Hello all. Marble is looking good. The Quarry’s ongoing road improvements are wonderful (thanks Quarry) and last year’s record avalanche cycle widened some of your favorite runs. Stay tuned! We’ll be going through this site and updating all information. Suggestions welcome.

Oct 23

Welcome Winter 2018-2019

We can say with 99% confidence this winter will be better than the last. Webcam is operational but we need help with improving it.

Road is in good condition thanks to Quarry. They appear to be going strong so expect reliable plowing. Remember to park with thought for the large haul trucks.

Thanks everyone for your help with all. Be safe.

Mar 17

New Sponsorship 2018 — The North Face

Delighted to say The North Face sees our public service efforts here and will be pitching in along with our other sponsors. As thanks, please explore their banner to right. (Also note we have room for one or two more sponsors). Specific projects:
— Improving webcam.
— Becoming an official observation site for NOAA.
— Likewise, doing something more formal with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.
— Making our facilities available to Search & Rescue operations.
— Improving emergency cache stored near the most common parking area.
— Search & Rescue documentation photography and mapping, to assist with operations.

Please note we do accept donations. Please contact us to contribute financially or with labor.

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