We’ve found that the Schofield Pass Snotel site (10,700 feet) gives the best reflection of what’s happening in the region of Yule Quarry Road and Marble Peak. Checking the McClure Pass Snotel can be useful as well. (For a good explaination of where the Snotel numbers come from check out this CAIC article.)

Schofield consistently receives somewhat more snow than the Yule area. To use Schofield for interpolating Yule area conditions figure the temperatures are similar, while you’ll generally want to reduce the snow accumulations by around 18% (judging from our informal observations over the years). Schofield Snotel is located about 8 miles to the east from the Yule Creek skiing destinations, on the east side of Treasure and Treasury mountains, large nearly 14,000 terrain features that separate Schofield from Yule Creek.