Marble Skiing Map

To get our map information and view the Marble skiing area you can download our .kml file and open in Google Earth, the file is located at

Here is a link.

Safety and congeniality are the primary missions of To that end, we are firm believers that extensive naming of terrain features will enhance communication and thus safety. We are working on getting all the data we can onto a Google map. The idea here is we’ll acquire all the feature names we can from various groups of Marble backcountry skiers, then name the features on the map with their most common names.

Safety Note: The majority of terrain shown on this map may be subject to snow avalanches. Due to the unpredictability of snow avalanches from year to year or even minute to minute, we have NOT outlined exact avalanche paths. If you ski in this area, you MUST know how to identify and avoid avalanche danger. If not, you could die.

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