A few facts regarding emergency procedures if you’re backcountry skiing the Marble area.

– There is NO cell phone service. Firehouse next to marble loadout, where you begin driving Quarry Road, HAS 911 CALL BOX, contacts Pitkin County dispatch 24/7.

– Please carry an emergency beacon such as SPOT, or better, carry a 2-way communication device such as a satphone or Delorme Inreach.

– Marbleski.org recommended common FRS/GMRS frequency (talkabout 2-way radios) is channel 7 with quiet code 11. This frequency is very occasionally monitored by locals. We also suggest standardising emergency channel as 9 with quiet code 11. While 9-11 is not necessarily monitored, it may be monitored by locals and would be the “common” channel everyone would switch to if multiple groups are involved in a rescue. Once radio use evolves, it’s possible local skiers might monitor 9-11 from home full time, until cell phone service comes to the areas. But don’t depend on your radio to obtain outside emergency response.

– THERE ARE NO PAY PHONES IN MARBLE, only the 911 call box on firehouse, AGAIN PLEASE CARRY A SPOT OR 2-WAY COMMUNICATION DEVICE. As of 2018, it’s said an outdoor payphone may be installed on the renewed Marble General Store, just past the stop sign intersection, obvious.

– If someone in your party is injured, please do not hesitate to call for help. Self rescue can exacerbate injuries — even to the point of being life altering or fatal. Numerous individuals in this area are ready and willing to help mountain recreationists in need.

– Rescue costs NOTHING. But we do recommend all backcountry recreators in Colorado purchase and carry a CORSAR card (or possess hunting, fishing or ATV license) that helps rescue groups receive state funds to reimburse for rescue costs.

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