First REAL winter storm today!

This morning, 4 good inches on the storm board and it’s coming down at about 1/2 inch an hours, with a lot of wind. They say this event will continue through Sunday or Monday. Exciting. We are at Marble HQ so we’ll shoot another image of storm board in the afternoon. Check it out via Marblecam link above.

Amazing the Hughes Net sat internet is punching through the cloud cover and snowfall. It even worked before we swept snow off the dish. Still known to not be the most reliable ‘net, but Hughes has exceeded our expectations.

The Slow Winter of 2016-2017

Not sure we’ve ever seen it come this slow and warm. But winter is finally here. Series of November storms are finally laying it down. Silver lining is that, other than on direct north exposures, depth hoar sugar snow below timberline may not form up since the thin layer of early-season snow did not exist on those aspects. That is unless we now get a lengthy dry spell. So we shall see.

Meanwhile, we’ve made some improvements to the webcams. Use link in menu above.

Marblecam Up — November Soon

It’s been incredibly warm for the end of November, 40 degree F nights up at 9,000 feet on Quarry Road. Nonetheless, we suspect snow will fall soon. After all, November!? So today we activated the Marblecam. Access via menus above. Not much there yet except grass. But yeah, it’s there.

Autumn 2016 — Quarry Begins Major Road Improvements

Where the streets are paved with Marble.

Where the streets are paved with Marble.

Heard of the Yellow Brick Road? Introducing the White Marble Road. Colorado Stone Quarries (Yule Quarry) rented a crusher this fall to produce road topping from their marble rock scraps. According to workers, while some of the marble becomes a gravel, much of it “explodes” into a sand-like fine. The plan is to grade and compact what appears to be about a 6-inch lift of this mixed gravel and sand material (similar to conventional road base), then “brine” it with a salt solution that reacts with the marble to tighten it up. Interesting! As an alternative to asphalt, clean.

We do wonder how the light colored surface will behaving in icing conditions this coming winter. Will it reflect sun and ice less? Or reflect sun and stay icy instead of drying?

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