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Our webcam updates around 7:00 am, and shoots a couple of still shots. Ironically, during heavy storms the system may not work due to snow blocking the signal on our internet satellite dish. If this occurs, figure a snowfall event is happening. Location is at 9,000 feet near Marble Peak, in the aspen forest below the road area where most people park for skiing and hiking. Bear in mind that in early winter we sometimes get significantly more snow accumulation just 500 to 1000 vertical feet above here, due to it raining instead of snowing at the webcam location. TO ENLARGE IMAGE SO YOU CAN SEE THE DATE STAMP, RIGHT CLICK AND OPEN IN NEW WINDOW OR TAB. TOP IMAGE IS THE MOST CURRENT.



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  1. George

    New big numbers are great thanks!

  2. editor

    Cleaned off the board evening of Dec 24

  3. editor

    Cam was cleared Feb 22 PM, another 8 inches showing this morning of Feb 23, 2015. Storm totals over last 48 hours are quite substantial, more like the Marble we know and love.

  4. editor

    Cleaned board around 13:00 on Friday, 27th, turned on the cam for a record shot. See the photo sequence.

  5. editor

    Morning of March 1, 2015, been getting consistent dumps now for quite a few days. Big storm slabs most certainly hanging up there, we’ll see what comes down. Expecting Mud Gulch to run over the road any day now.

  6. George

    When the camera gets covered with snow…go skiing in safe areas.

  7. Editor Skier

    Camera didn’t work this morning of Nov 5, sat dish probably got too much sticky snow on it!

  8. Editor Skier

    Actually, it did work! Apparently we need to figure out a way to do better cache busting as my browser just kept showing yesterday’s images. Frustrating. Know you can bust cache by leaving a comment, or so it seems.

  9. Editor Skier

    Ah, the yearly dance for Marbleski, setting up the webcams. Check out the new views for 2016-2017, and we’re attempting to curate the images in a more organized fashion.

  10. Editor Skier

    Another 8 inches at 9,000 feet, with quite a bit of rain and sleet before that. I’d venture to say that above 10,000 feet we’ve got some reasonable accumulation now. Looks like another storm mid-week.

  11. Marbleskier

    Cam worked great this morning of November 27, 12 inches since afternoon of November 28,

    That means a good TWO FEET of snow in the last 48 hours or so.

  12. Editor Skier

    Cleaned off board this afternoon of December 9.

  13. Editor Skier

    Time stamps are accurate. Huge storm this past couple of days, cam might not work this morning of January 6 and is only showing morning of January 5.

  14. Editor Skier

    Time stamps on the photos are messed up again… date captions on the thumbnails are correct.

  15. Editor Skier

    This early winter of 2017-2018 is off to a slow start — just a few inches snow on the ground so far here at 9,000 feet. Up at Marble today, upgraded the sat internet to faster better equipment that is said to do a better job of penetrating snow on dish. We’ll see how that works. We got the camera aimed and lots of measurement graphics to tell the story. Enjoy.

  16. Editor Skier

    We got 8 inches this past 24 hours, December 22 morning cam shot didn’t work due to snow on the dish, we’ll be trying some things to get rid of that problem, dish cover or heater.

  17. Editor Skier

    It’s that time of year again! Got the cam working this morning of October 23 2018. Unfortunately appears to have rained instead of snowed up there. New this year, thanks to The North Face and Cripple Creek, we have installed a solar powered dish heater. Idea is this will switch on every morning some time before the satellite transfer takes place, hopefully removing snow that blocks the dish from operation. It’s been somewhat complex building this thing, requires quite a bit of power, so we’re not sure our battery capacity and PV panels are up for it. Seemed to work during testing last winter, but actually melting snow off the installed dish might be more demanding than math and testing can predict.

  18. Editor Skier

    Cam appears to be working, the board has been getting cleaned, observe snow level next to the structure to the right, to get an idea of fresh snow. We’ll try to be more obvious about when the board gets cleaned. Weird date stamp on today’s image, but the caption date on the thumbnail is correct. We be working on it.

  19. Editor Skier

    Been working on the webcam. Unfortunately an excellent plugin we used to display the images was orphaned and stopped working. It’s been difficult to find a substitute system. Bear with us.

  20. Todd W Kube

    anything, anything on cam support?

  21. FZappa

    Can we crowd fund this?

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