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Marble Quarry Road — Holiday Closure 2014-2015

The snow "stake" or "snow board" is marked every 4 inches (10 centimeters).

According to sources: Colorado Stone Quarries will not plow Quarry Road for about 14 days over the holidays; they do not plan on plowing the road until just before they re-open on Jan. 3rd. In our experience here at Marbleski, the road may remain drivable for a short while, then become so rutted and deep …

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Quarry Makes Major Road Improvements — Summer 2014

Looking NE from Lumber Curve to Windy Corner, new roadbase , much wider than before.

All varieties of backcountry travelers, rejoice. Colorado Stone Quarries, Inc. has been spending an immense amount of money and time widening sections of Quarry Road out of Marble, Colorado. They’ve been adding parking, trucking in roadbase and applying chloride to keep the summer dust down. We’ve been watching the work all summer — impressive. This …

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Listen to the Hill Truck — Use Radio Scanner

One of the famous hill trucks.

We would not have the Quarry Road for winter use if it wasn’t for the operating Yule Quarry business. Tradeoff is that most weekdays and sometimes on the weekend a huge “hill haul truck” loaded with gigantic blocks of white marble is making multiple runs up and down the mostly one-lane shelf road. We have …

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