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Apr 14

Winter Winds Down — But We Still Have Spring Skiing

Terrain off Quarry road will yield corn snow skiing for a few weeks yet, and perhaps some late season powder. Later April and into May you’ll probably need to hike up into Yule Creek or ski on Treasure mountain. Also, don’t forget the Elk Mountains, accessed from Leadking road. See

Feb 11

Webcam Working Again

Took a while. Use menu above for access. Enjoy.

Feb 06

What’s Going On Here at Marbleski

Hey everyone, lots of things happening. We had a server meltdown, began a new account with a different company and we’re in the process of moving everything and rebuilding the webcam system (the server side stuff got deleted). Also, Google decided to discontinue their mapping tool we used to display a map (see menu above) so we’re stuck for now with simply providing a download of a Google Earth KML file.

That’s it. We’re working on everything as well as enjoying the excellent winter we’re having.

Jan 31

Winter of 2015/2016 Going Well

After a month of traveling out-of-state, the crew is back in the thick of things. We’re seeing storm after storm hitting the West Elk Mountains, exciting. A nicely bridged snowpack is yielding classic Colorado powder skiing, but the usual Colorado avalanche producers are always lurking underfoot. Our plan, stay aware of new snow accumulations, watch slope angles and terrain, and enjoy.

Know the Quarry Road could be easily closed by storms now that we’re getting a huge snowpack and possible over-road avalanches. Call the Quarry office to check on road, and it’s a good idea to stop in to the office before driving up, to see where the stone truck is (which is hard to pass). Phone numbers and such are available in menu above, FAQ.

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