Avalanche Cycle Continues — Carbonate Slides Afternoon of 2/13/2014

February 2014
We’ve been skiing off Quarry Road for 25 years and don’t recall a cycle of avalanche instability threatening the road that’s lasted this long. In our opinion it’s been too dangerous to drive the road for almost a week. This is born out by a new slide crossing the road every few days — slides big enough to tear sheet metal off your car if you were caught. Unsurvivable. Today (Friday Feb 14) they’ll be working on clearing the road again, but even if they open it to the public we’d suggest not driving the road until the hang fire has had a few more days to bond.

Carbonate Avalanche Path runs over Quarry Road

Carbonate Avalanche Path runs over Quarry Road, powder cloud is said to have dusted part of the town. The slide is said to have gone ‘full path’ and knocked down some fairly mature timber, meaning was perhaps a “50 year” slide. Click images for larger version.

Carbonate avalanche path is the first path you drive under after you leave the Marble loadout and drive over the Quarry Road Bridge. It’s on your right, just several hundred yards up the road. Word is that Ally, Monument and now Carbonate have all slid over the road within the past 6 days. That leaves quite a bit of hang fire, so even if they do clear the road and open it to the public, driving it could be dangerous.

Main avalanche paths on Quarry road.

Main avalanche paths on Quarry road, looking southerly viewed from Mount Daly.

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1 comment

    • George on March 31, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    When if ever is the Carbonate Slide path skiable?
    This year is very tempting due to the major slide that knocked out small trees and left a smooth run-out.
    My guess is that freeze-thaw will come and go before this is a safe line from Noname/Top.
    Willing if safe. George

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