Winter 2014/15 Begins

Marble area hasn’t received some of the larger recent snowfalls we’ve had in other parts of Colorado, but the snowpack build has definitely begun. We’ve seen a few folks trying to push the skiing, but snow depth on the access routes from Quarry road is insufficiant to cover downed trees and other obstacles. We’d recommend waiting for another storm or two before backcountry skiing.

We’ve been working on the Marblecam (see menu above). As always, a technical challenge, but we hope it to help increase skier awareness and safety — as well as being just plain useful for trip planning.

Colorado Stone Quarries made quite a few road improvements this past summer. Stop by their office at the loadout and thank them. At the same time you can inquire about road conditions; they’ll tell you if the hill truck is on the road so you know what to expect or can wait till they’re done.

In terms of road safety, this summer the erosion at Shale Cut ate into more of the road “shoulder.” It appears a repair is in the works, but may be halted by winter. As always, be super aware of these eroded narrow sections when you’re driving Quarry Road.

For names of road features as well as tips on how to listen to Quarry business radio, see this post.

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