Getready for 2014-15 — Quarry’s Rotary Plow

Check out the Volvo L110F compact loader that'll be pushing a loader mounted R.P.M. Tech LM220

Check out the Volvo L110F compact loader that’ll be pushing a loader mounted R.P.M. Tech LM220

We wouldn’t have the Quarry Road to use if it wasn’t for Colorado Stone Quarries Inc. doing snow plowing and road repair. Even so, without a rotary the plowing has been problematic as the road becomes narrower and narrower with a blade plow packing the berm against the roadside. We’re thus duly impressed by what we saw parked and ready to rock at the Marble Loadout a few days ago.

This loader mounted RPM Tech LM220 rotary (snowblower) has its own 275 horsepower turbo diesel, pushed by a sweet little Volvo L110F loader with a gleaming set of killer tire chains. Reminds us of well organized and efficient mountain road maintenance we’ve seen in Europe.

Please, everyone, at least stop in at the Quarry offices this winter and thank them for keeping the one-lane road turnouts and parking free of snow. Consider leaving a plate of cookies, or a tip for the plow driver?

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    • Scott Nelson on October 26, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Wow, that is one sweet setup. The quarry definitely knows how to do things right.

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