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Welcome – Let’s Communicate for Safety

Looking southerly up Yule Creek, 'The Lineup'

Hello all, Lou Dawson here. As far as we’re concerned, the more people who enjoy backcountry skiing near Marble, Colorado, the better. It’s a wonderful place, and the word is out. Yet unfortunately, over the past few years we’ve seen what we feel is a degradation in friendliness and sharing by backcountry skiers in the …

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Avalanche Cycle Continues — Carbonate Slides Afternoon of 2/13/2014

Carbonate Avalanche Path runs over Quarry Road

February 2014 We’ve been skiing off Quarry Road for 25 years and don’t recall a cycle of avalanche instability threatening the road that’s lasted this long. In our opinion it’s been too dangerous to drive the road for almost a week. This is born out by a new slide crossing the road every few days …

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